Thursday, May 16, 2013

Federal Funding for Atlanta Westside's Proctor Creek: Real Vs. Surreal?

 The Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood Association, Inc., created to help restore neighborhood pride in a locale that for many years has been without an active neighborhood association.  Funding and attention to the Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood (Proctor Creek included) will help reestablish a positive neighborhood identity.  Establishment of correctly placed signs delineating the boundaries of The Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood is important in creating a positive neighborhood identity.  Proper signage will proudly beckon residents and visitors to the · Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood ·The new Association will host neighborhood meetings for residents, stakeholders and friends to provide a neighborhood based voice in the destiny the Historic Westin Heights. Bankhead Neighborhood. 
     Over the years, the neighborhood's positive identity has eroded.  This neighborhood, currently known as a neighborhood corrupted by drug peddling, drug use and is currently notoriously for the death of a 92-year old female resident at the hands of her protectors, Atlanta Policemen  
  The Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood is long overdue for a physical clean up, the revitalization of Maddox park, the reopening of the closed A.F. Herndon Elementary school and the restoration of beautiful bungalow homes that have become derelict by place holding investors.  
     It is Drew's View that the physical cleanup of Maddox Park, the cleanup of Proctor Creek, the reopening Herndon Elementary School and the restoration of homes in Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood will facilitate the cultural renaissance of the area.  
     Is the proposed federal funding for Proctor Creek and for Maddox Park,,,,, REAL OR SURREAL?  What is you view?
Drewnell Thomas is a resident of the Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood and founder of the Historic Westin Heights / Bankhead Neighborhood Associatio, Inc. and the creator of  the Blog,  "Drew's Views and News Exchange"

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